Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i am a real cowgirl.

megan said look mom... i am a real cowgirl. i said how do i tellm she said mom. i have dusty pants and my hair is crazy and my boots are dirty. i am a real cowgirl. i said so thats what makes you a cowgirl and she said yep. when your boots are dirtty then you are for real.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another adventure is about to start.

The girls and I will be moving to the other side of the mountains. I have accepted a position teaching in a cute little town.
Go take a look. It will be a really great place to live. Very friendly community.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Megan's Revelation.

So as I was putting the girls to bed tonight Megan was asking a million questions about Mothers day and who it is for. She told me that she thought it should be for all girls. I told her I agreed. So tomorrow will be a celebration of all things GIRL. She said that we should celebrate Moms, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, Nieces, Cousins, and babies... not sure where that last one came from but perhaps it is because she loves babies.

So then we talked about girls and all the different relationships we could make.... i.e.... mom, daughter, grand daughter....

I said someday she would get to be a mother and a wife. She giggled at the thought. And then I said well someday you will be able to be a grandma...she gave me the strangest look. I just looked at her smiled and said Yeah... you will be Gramma Megan.

Oh my goodness. She laughed so hard I thought she might passout. She found that so funny.
She just kept saying. Come over to Gramma Megans house. I will make cookies. and then the laughter. hahahaha
I wish I could have recorded that. she was barely able to breathe.

The laughter continued on until she drifted to sleep.
I love her. She is so funny.

Amy's Declaration.

So we spent the day playing in the sun at the plant sale at the high school. We have been talking about birthdays and mother's day and all the celebrations that this month holds. Amy said very firmly and quite loudly..."MOMMY, I WUB YOU!!!" I was caught off gaurd by her loud deep voice and serious face. I said "oh, and I love you too Amy." She smiled and went back to playing. more talk of mothers and mother's day with Megan occured and then she yelled "Mommy I don't love you Mother's Day!"
Again... unsure of what to make of that I said "okay. you don't have to, but I think you do love me."
She said "NO! Mommy, I wub you. I ....sigh.... I do wub you humpback whale not Mothers Day. Mothers day is little. I love you BIG. I love you gray whale, humpback whale, blue whale..." I said " awwww, I love you too. Thank you Amy. You are a good girl and I love you humpback whale too." She smiled and was happy with that.

Just before bed time she climbed up into my lap and said Mommy, sigh...
She looked at me and then said my heart is a little bit sad tonight. I asked her why and she said cause it is stuck in here (as she pointed to her chest) and it wants out. I said ... oh... why?
She said my heart wants to get out of here so that your heart can hold it.

Talk about a sweet little girl.
I told her that I would hold her while she held her heart and that she was always in my heart. That my heart belongs to her and to Megan. She told me I could keep a little piece for myself.

Sweet, sweet girl.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My greatest blessings call me Mommy

Now this is the best job in the world!!! I love them like no other.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A dirty shame...

The seperation of a little girl and her favorite Princess dress is an unbearable thing. Amy was playing dress up in her favorite dress and while she was Cinderella, she was helping load the dishwasher and got ketchup all over her dress. She was so upset. Amy said we must wash it. So we went to the laundry room and took off her dress and she helped me put it in the washer. Then we watched as it filled with water and as it was time to close the lid... she began to cry. " I miss my dress" this continued until finally the washer stoped.
We switched it over to the dryer. She kept opening the dryer to see if it was ok. Finally, she called from the bathroom and said: "Mom it will be okay, I will try and wait."
I walked in there and this is what I found.....

She was camping out waiting for her dress to be done. hahaha

Monday, April 19, 2010

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

So late last night Amy was having a little trouble falling asleep. I was sitting on the couch in the dimly litfront room and the soft music from the girl's room was all that I could hear. I thought that she was asleep... and then she said: "Mommy, I wub you." I of course answered, I love you too honey. She promptly said; "I wub you humback whale." indicating that she love me as much as a humpback whale. I said back to her that I loved her as much a blue whale. She said; " I wub you as a gray whale." This continued with a school bus then a house, then the church, then the sky buildings in Seattle..... each in turn followed by a "WHOA! that's will wee big!" a giggle and then the next biggest thing she could think of. I thought she was done and then... then she announced quite proudly and quite loudly... "Mommy, I wub you as big as your nose! WHOA! heehee That's will wee will wee will wee BIG!" I was speachless. I was unable to say or do anything. she had won. I had no come back other then yes dear it is. She nodded proudly and then laid her head down and said "...that's how much I wub you." Seconds later she was asleep. I giggled softly all the way to her bed. She slept the rest of the night. I laughed all the way to sleep. I love the unexpected utterings of my little angels. hahaha

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday we went to the Great Wolf Lodge with some water park passes that I won at a silent auction almost a year ago.

The girls and I went in the morning with Brynne and Blair and then had a nap and lunch and went back after dinner and played til they closed it down. Oh they are getting so big. I wish I could run around in my swimsuit with as much confidence as they do. They acted like they ran the place. The kids area is heated and we loved it there, but We often ventured out into the other areas.

Both girls voluntarily dunked their heads under the water in the deep pool. Which measures a whopping 4 feet deep. They both wore life jackets. Megan did doggy paddle for about 30 minutes. She jumped off the snake in the pool and also climbed onto the other floating creatures and jumped back into the water. Amy floated on her back and loved it. She said the water tickled. She threw the ball back to the kids when they lost it.
Then in the wave pool.... oh boy...
I would like to think it was all someone elses fault, but truth be told... This beautiful picture of my knee is the pure result of my grace.
We started out well... until the waves started. ha. Then we were pushed this way and that. A large man in a tube smashed into us and I was knocked off my feet. Honestly the real kicker... well he was about 7. He got me while I was down, literally. I was smashed into the bottom of the pool and then while I was trying to save the girls who were hysterically laughing safely atop their tube.
He went right over the top of me and pushed me all the way to the bottom of the pool. My body was then drug across the pool floor. I have a feeling my students that were working were taking bets to see who thought I would make it out alive. hahaha.
We ended in the kids pool again where it was calm and warm and shallow.
Amy figured out how to work the soakers and soaked me. She laughed so hard the first time that she lost her balance and fell over backwards into the water. Then we both laughed.
Megan became the master of the purple slide. She went down forward and backward and helped the little kids go down and she too figured out the soakers. ahhhhhh!
We showered, changed into my jammies and then went to storytime. We were scared of the wolf howling... until I said "it sounds like he is saying owwwww! Maybe he played in the wave pool today too." Megan started laughing and out came a snort. Which made her laugh even harder.
At least after that she wasn't scared of the wolf's howl.
At the end of storytime the girls walked hand in hand to the front door and Amy said "I love you Great Wolf." I laughed.
We got in the car and by the time we left the parking lot they were both fast asleep.
What a fun, fun day. They have decided that we should move there.

And I'm back.....

It's been more than a year with lots of changes, but I am back.
Stay tuned for more news...